Hangit is another Vanilla Bean for WordPress.

Both the premium version – developed for SallyMills.Gallery – and this free edition is designed to help your ecommerce customers visualise your artwork merchandise in selected environments or  a photo of their own room.

A simple shortcode Hang it!

or See how this hangs

will create a link to the popup where the featured product image can be overlaid on any choice of background.

Initial release is tested to be compatible with WooCommerce, but any product page with a featured image should work effectively.

Hangit in action at sallymills.gallery using WooCommerce

Hangit in action at sallymills.gallery using WooCommerce

The Travels of George the Giraffe - Sally Mills 2014

The Travels of George the Giraffe – Sally Mills 2013

Try it yourself!

The featured image on this page is “The travels of George the giraffe” by Sally Mills (2012). See how it looks on your own wall, one of the provided rooms, hanging in the Louvre, on a Mexican highway or in a football stadium just for fun!






Download the Hangit WP Plugin through the wordpress plugin page.


    • Hi Uri,

      The plugin will not work until you have uploaded at least one background, and the page on which you use it contains a ‘featured image’.
      We are currently working on a php7 compatible version (Jan 2017) which includes some default backgrounds. Can you advise on what version of wordpress and PHP you are using?
      Hangit is dependent on javascript and HTML5. It is also important that your upload file size is enough to manage any custom photos that you may use.
      Feel free to contact us with any further details.
      Mark (CEO)

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