Here is the home of our WordPress Vanilla Beans.

We keep all these tasty little beans separate and unified so you can install what you want and leave the rest. This insures you have maximum cohesion with all your other plugins with minimal footprint. You can use one, some or all of them without negatively impacting your site’s performance because they all maximise use of built-in wordpress functions and also re-use their own common functions.

So far you can build your beanstalk with the following plugins:

  • Error Mailer
    Monitor your site’s behaviour pro-actively by receiving emails when errors are thrown. Settings allow you to ignore known errors.
  • Theme Login
    Customise your login and retrieve password screen to suit your theme or your company look and feel.
  • Icon Setter
    Set your site’s favicon properly to suit all devices. Simply upload or choose your logo and a properly compiled .ico file will be created.
  • Hangit
    Supports Woo commerce and other e-commerce plugins, designed to allow your customers the opportunity of seeing how imagery looks in room settings.
  • Meta Maid
    Bare bones plugin to allow custom header and footer code implementations such as google analytics, flurry, your own css/javascript.
  • SEO Alert
    Keep tabs on when your site is indexed by Google, Yahoo or other search engine bots. Supports email and Slack messaging, allowing you to decide whether to know by day or by each request for each kind of bot.
  • Slack Hooker
    Provides shortcode and programmatic access to drop messages into your nominated Slack channel(s). Works very well with SEO Alert.

Please take the time to rate and comment on these free plugins so that we can work on them and improve them.


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