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New Plugin to Control Visual Appearance for WordPress

Vanilla Bean from Velvary has released a new plugin for Worpress to help you visually edit the appearance of your login home page.

This plugin will allow you to control the visual appearance and allows you to upload a different Logo and a background image, and set a background colour,  or you can get down and dirty into the CSS code and customise the entire layout.

This was written to provide branding for your business that is not tied to your WordPress theme. Unlike other theme-based login pages which use short-code, Vanilla Bean Theme Login allows you to change the real WordPress login screen so that your registration and password recovery pages also share your branding.

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  1. Hello,
    I love this theme creator I have it installed on my site and used it. However it don’t seem to work right.. Here is my color theme I’m using http://prntscr.com/eaw7ur its a safe link don’t worry. Here is my site.. also let me show you the full detailed work on the Login theme… so you can see why its not accepting and also.. I have cleaned out the Cache and such like and nothing. Here is what it looks like in the theme area. also The blue hover thing isn’t working for some reason and I fixed that too but, still no go. Unsure what the deal is. Here is that link http://prntscr.com/eaw8mt

    • G’day Laura,

      We have published an update to our plugin which included one bugfix.
      Please also check your email for advice regarding your particular site.

      Kind Regards,

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