Vanilla Bean Iconsetter Released

Also known as Iconifier, this Vanilla Bean for wordpress enables you to choose  or upload your logo for iconification.

This plugin will automatically create all necessary icons for your wordpress site to appear correctly on iPhones, iPads, Android, PC, Mac and other devices.

If you do not have wordpress, you can download your free icon set here for manual install.

WordPress Theme Login

Another Vanilla Bean from Velvary for WordPress.

This plugin will allow you to control the visual appearance of your wordpress login page. You can simply upload a different Logo and a background image, and set a background colour,  or you can get down and dirty into the CSS code and customise the entire layout.

This was written to provide branding for your business that is not tied to your wordpress theme. Unlike other theme-based login pages which use shortcode, Vanilla Bean Theme Login allows you to change the real wordpress login screen so that your registration and password recovery pages also share your branding.

WordPress Error Mailer Plugin Released

Available on the WordPress plugin site, Error Mailer is a self descriptive Vanilla Bean by Velvary.

Designed to suit the rapid site developer by providing email notification of any php errors (except email) occurring on a WordPress site.

This little tool has already proved invaluable to Velvary Clients and developers alike.